WMware 15/16 Copy/paste not work with Parrot OS

Dear all, I test Parrot OS after used Kali. I install Parrot in VMware (test version 15 and 16 last update).
I update Parrot OS but I can make Copy/Paste from windows and Parrot on VMware.
I install the VMware tool.
The same system with Kali and Copy/Paste it works perfectly.
This is a important function to work with windows/VMware and I ask you some tips to
enable this function.

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We are not supporting VMWare officially but that problem is likely common bug of our OS. We’ll have to debug it later. The problem is not only copy, move files but share files / folders as well.

Just commenting to say this I would be interested in seeing this resolved. Is there anything I can do to help?

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