All the system bars are gone

(Nodan) #1

Hay guys
My system’s all the bars are gone top bar where you can find applications the lower bar which is also for applications is gone
I used full-upgrade and some of the apps were showing error icons instead of there own icons then i restarted the laptop and now all those bars are gone some apps were also uninstalled i can access just file manager and run things from there even windows buttion doesn’t open lower apps to choose from.
Please can anyone help

Taskbar and desktop icons disappeared
(Matt) #2

This will reset the panels:

(Nodan) #3

Thank you but when the screen looked the unlocking dialog didn’t show up so i restarted the laptop and i didn’t start
And now I am installing os again.
But thanks for replying

(Nico Paul) #4

Next time use parrot-upgrade. Never full-upgrade

(Nodan) #5

Never use full-upgrade?
Other people were saying that use full-upgrade but not just upgrade…
Can you clarify this.
Apt-get update
Apt-get upgrade
Apt update

Which one of these should i use i don’t wanna blow my os again

(Nico Paul) #6

Parrot-upgrade is the one that the creator of parrot has written to help combat confusion, limit frankenparrots, and simplify upgrades. Apt-get is less mindful of other packages when upgrading, apt upgrade and full-upgrade will break your system and dist-upgrade and parrot-upgrade are essentially exactly the same

(Nodan) #7

ok and is using apt-get update
or apt update ok should i use them?

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #8

You able to use

    apt update 

But best way is


This script written by palinuro and all required commands already set on it.

You can able to see it

  nano /usr/bin/parrot-upgrade