Auhtentification failure when using su

Hi everyone!
I’m using

|Description:|Parrot 4.2.2|

I tried to use the command su, it asks me for password, then I enter my password and it’s give me this message

su: Authentication failure

I tried also to use other passwords like toor, parrot… but it doesn’t work

If you want to use ‘su’ then you need to set the password first.

I will say, i recommend just using ‘sudo’ where possible. You should not get into the habit of running su all of the time.

But anyway. To set the root / su password, type sudo passwd root, enter your current password, then enter the ‘su’ password you want.

You can also remove the ‘su’ password using sudo passwd -d root. Just saying.


Thank you for your time @KidKlown

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