Can't install/use Parrot OS 3.10.1 /3.11

Hello, I am having a problem using/installing Parrot Security OS 3.10.1 on my laptop:
First I need to say the specs of my laptop: 64bits, Windows 10 Pro, Model: SF20BA, Intel Celeron N3060.

The problem is that, when I try to live run or install, neither the TouchPad and the keyboard works, I already tried the following:
-Using GTK Installer
-Using text installer
-Booting live from PenDrive (In Live used “Install Debian”; and in Persistence mode “Install Parrot”)

But anything worked, I need help, because my laptop doesn’t have enough ports for the PenDrive, the mouse and keyboard; so I need a solution, I tried searching in Google, but I didn’t find anything that works;

I tried with the x86 and x64 versions, and in the both versions I haved the same problem, but in the x64 version I could boot Live AND install Parrot OS (Only in the x64 version), so I installed it, with the mouse I copy-pasted the instructions words for the user/password, but after installing it and trying it installed, the problem was still there.

Please help me, if you need more information about my laptop, reply to this topic, and if I not reply, contact me at:, or in my website (If you have access to the “Marianas Web”): SiNet.loky

Thank you and sorry for my bad/broken English (It’s not my natural language)

Im assuming that the laptop is this one…

Can you get to the parrot installation menu? (The menu where you select Live, Encrypted, standard installation, etc)

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Yeah that is my laptop, ok after going to the Live GRUB, what I need to do (I am typing this with my laptop, so I will need to restart and going to Windows AGAIN

So you can get to live environment?

Yes, with my PenDrive and WITHOUT it (As I described, I installed Parrot OS)

Sorry I dont get it then…
According to what you wrote… You can get to the live environment, and you can write from there… so… In what point does the keyboard stop working?

No, I am writing from Windows 10, I CAN’T use my keyboard and touchpad neither in Live Environment and installed (I can’t do basically anything),

I was reading the specs and the FAQ of the manufacturer… It seems that they use really non standard configurations… lots of problems with UEFI and Linux Kernels… To the point that for installing Ubuntu 16.04 they said:

ECS will provide Linux Ubuntu LTS v16.04 kernel image will include key components of device drivers such as Intel SOC ,LAN, Audio and WLAN/BT.

So they are providing a modified kernel with drivers because all the incompatibilities that they have… I dont see good future for this laptop on Parrot or Debian…

I used some Debian/Ubuntu-based distros, and they worked perfectly, the problem is Parrot OS

Parrot is based in Debian Testing… it shouldn’t have problems with hardware if Debian works fine…

Well, thanks but; I still need help.
I really need to use Parrot Security OS, it’s my only option

hmm do you maybe have USB flash drive(stick commonly called) download Rufus from and Parrot .iso image file, Rufus is a tool to create USB bootable drives the easy way, then change in BIOS to boot from USB and install on your laptop or you can simply use Parrot OS in live mode all the time it depends on you.

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As I previously said; I TRIED that, and I can’t use the touchpad and keyboard
(Neither Live and Installed)

the problem is your laptop, trade it in for something better ?


you can make a try with parrot 3.11 (will be released in few days), but i strongly recommend you to find a workaround for your computer, contact your manufacturer asking for help or buy a better computer

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That would be strange, because I could use some Ubuntu distros on my laptop and worked perfectly, I can’t change my laptop, because is a college laptop, it’s mine I don’t have to return it, is permanently mine.

I will try Parrot OS 3.11, I am using Parrot on VMware Workstation Pro works fine but I have 4GB RAM so I will wait, because I want to use it without VM

I downloaded the latest stable 3.11, and booted live from my pendrive AND THE KEYBOARD AND THE TOUCHPAD DON’T ************* WORKED!
PLEASE someone HELP ME!, @palinuro Help me, or in the next release of the OS, include more ******* Drivers, I cannot change my laptop because is issued from my college!

just a question, could you make me a list of gnu/linux distributions where the keyboard and touchpad worked out of the box?

could you please try to attach an external keyboard and mouse and tell me if they work?

could you try to install and use the same kernel verson used by one of the distributions that worked?

could you give debian testing unofficial+nonfree and kali 2017.3 a try and tell me if their linux 4.14 kernel work?

it is hard for people to find the debian testing live version which includes proprietary firmware, so here is the download link

i gave you a lot of tests to do :slight_smile: let me know the results

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1: Deepin OS, BackBox Linux OS, and Zorin OS
2: I cannot attach a keyboard and a mouse at the same time that I have a pendrive, because I have 2 USB slots, but I tried putting the keyboard and after the mouse, and worked, the keyboard and mouse works, only the laptop in-built keyboard and touchpad don’t works (I tried this in Parrot OS, and in Kali Linux 2017.3
3: I can’t because I can’t install Parrot OS
4: Neither in Debian testing unofficial and Kali Linux 2017.3 the keyboard and touchpad worked (I’ve already tried this before, it seems that is a problems of various distros)

I completed all the tests, and I did some of them before, well please answer me and help me

then it seems to be a matter of kernel

install parrot using the standard installer (not the gtk one) from the boot menu and use an external keyboard (you don t need a mouse)

once parrot is installed you can try to install the kernel of ubuntu