Cant use the internet without turning Anonsurf on

Hello Guys
After running anonsurf for the first time my computer’s internet does not work without it being on. How to i return back to the default settings?

i am using version Parrot GNU/Linux 4.8 installed through bootable drive and is the single OS

i use a hp 15 computer with 16gb ram

sudo anonsurf stop

reverses the settings. (some forget to do this before they reboot making it not work without issuing the command).

After you run this, does it work?

If not: you must provide necessary logs/errors/details/wifi settings/firewall rules.

it does not work…even after reboot

  1. Make sure your connection is good by ping any IP address on internet
    ping -c 4
  2. Check your DNS setting if 1 is good
    cat /etc/resolv.conf
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