Fail to import Parrot Security OVA for VMWare 15.5

I tried to import Parrot Security OVA into VMWare 15.5 and it is giving me the following errors:

Line 150: Unsupported element ‘StorageItem’.

Line 159: Unsupported element ‘EthernetPortItem’.

According to previous questions about Parrot Security OVA, it seems that VMWare requires another format to import. If so, can anyone please tell me a possible way to change the Parrot OVA format/ VMWare settings appropriately to resolve these errors?

VmWare is not officially supported by parrot ( ), we suggest to use VirtualBox instead.

you should try virtual box as tissy suggested.
Vbox is neat and nice

If you want to make Parrot Security OVA in virtual box try with Oracle virtual box. That project is better for me if we are talking for virtual boxes.

skip the OVA and install with the iso. I’ve been using Parrot with Vmware for 1.5 years w/ very few issues (mostly they were derived from my own ignorance).

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thanks you

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