Parrot 4.0 beta testers

(dmknght) #14

It was running inside Virtualbox, and as i remember, Parrot 3.11 does not have this issue. So this could be a problem.


i2p is not inside the anonsurf menu, but its still installed by default on both home and security, you can run it manually i2prouter

(517hum 54nd33p4) #16

@palinuro , are you remove system d?


i know. i mean no i2p functions inside


u run vm on stick?

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #19

thanks for all your feedback

i have just released an updated iso image (4.0-beta) replaci g the previous alpha release)

i’ll also take in consideration all your feedbacks for the next (hopefully final) release

pleaae continue to provide your feedback on the new beta release as many bugs were closed but new ones may be introduced

for people with download issues: adding .mirrorlist to the end of a file name will give you the full mirrors list where that file can be downloaded


Parrot 4.0 development discussions

here’s a problem i have since yesterday on 4.0 alpha(will install beta later), my cpu usage goes very high whenever i use something inside a terminal, i noticed it too late and my laptop couldnt be touched in some part, it was very hot
edit ; its home version

never had that on 3.11, and no i dont think its sqlmap, it happens with anything else

the first screenshot i had no other bash opened except htop so i dont understand where it comes from, it state its opened since 3hours

the two others screenshot are from today it happened again while i used sqlmap, but tried other processes and it did the same

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #21

noticed the same thing, and in my case it was caused by mate-inhibit-applet, which is the tiny button on the bottom right of the screen which disables the auto suspension of the system

i’ll try to fix it for the next release

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #22

i also spotted openvas spawning some useless services at boot by default and disable that behavior

hope new debian updates would fix other minor bugs (i.e. mate bugs etc)

i fixed kayak

(Archangel) #23

Unsure if this is an intended or unintended function or not, but the option to “send a message” to a user on the lock screen triggers the screensaver immediately upon clicking “save” and sending the message. I have attached a video illustrating the issue.


i just put Parrot-security-4.0-beta_amd64 onto my usb drive, created the persistent partition with fdisk now its encrypted with luks and im really impressed with 4.0

i will edit my post with updates but so far so good

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does your I2P also disapere from Anonsurf when you do the update and upgrade

(Manuel Hernandez) #26

The I2P support was removed by @palinuro from 4.0 release. Check this:


Im getting this error when upgrade the system:

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #28

it is a warning, not an error

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thanks for answer me


4.0 beta won’t load in latest Virtualbox 5.2.12 r122591 (Qt5.6.1), live or install, allocated memory = 2700MB, standard settings, running on Linux Mint 18.3. Repeated ‘Stopped’, ‘Starting’, ‘Started’ ‘Light Display Manager’ before final ‘Failed to start Light Display Manager’ (Same problem with Security 3.11 after dist-upgrade including 4.16.0 kernel update.) Works in Gnome-boxes (as does 3.11)

(Dance) #31

My first post. my physical desktop Parrot 4.0 no problem.
I have multiple Parrot kvm vm’s and they wont boot properly with 4.0 beta
On one of them I enter in terminal messed with ICEauthority and then could boot still with error.
Then I tried another kvm vm and enter grub menu and boot 4.15.0-parrot17-amd64
No problem with 4.15 kernel.


btw bug with panel still exist - when you do something e.g. adding multiple iteams mate-settings-daemon and/or pannel-settings heavy crash and load system. but its not a parrot problem - in pure debian same shit i test twice. so its a mate desktop bug 100%.

(517hum 54nd33p4) #33

@WarTech @coyik can you report mate desktop bug to mate developers.