Parrot on the rpi3

Hello everyone,
very good job with this new distribution.

I’m a newbie of ParroteSec OS and I’m very curious to try it and its features and tools.

I have downloaded the latest (experimental) ARM image version from the site and I’ve installed ParroteSec OS on the rpi3 model B+.

After installation I have executed a full upgrade in order to be sure to have all newest packages installed (takes more then 2 hrs). :sweat:

Now I want start to test and stress my home WIFI and I have tried to use airgaddon but when I run it I receive the error:

This interface wlan0 doesn’t support monitor mode

I know that the chipset installed on the rpi3 (bcm43430) isn’t supporting the monitor mode but
I haven’t this issue if I use Kali linux and into it exist a command “monstart” that automatically put the wlan0 into monitor mode and permit me to use the wifi tool as expected.
After a quick investigation I understood that nexmon patch is installed into image that I have been put on my SD card and I would set the same on ParroteSec OS one.

can someone help me to install the nexmon patch into ParroteSec OS and fix the issue above on also please?

I’m folowed the steps on github at link but I’m obaining a segmentation fault error when run

make install-firmware

so I’m thinking that something is different in the kernel…
Thanks in advance for your support.

@devilmind check out this it might help a little Parrot OS raspberry pi 3 B+

@dcpender thank you for your feedback. I saw this thread and I think that the issue hilighted there is already fixed because I’m able to install it and seems is working as expected except for the wifi monitor mode.
I will try to work on this and to post my update here also.