Proxychains doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I have similar problem with proxychains.
When i start proxychains with : proxychains firefox I’m getting following mistake: ProxyChains-3.1 ( firefox: run_symlink.c:104: run_symlink: Assertiongetenv(“LD_PRELOAD”) == NULL’ failed.
Aborted` I don’t know what i should do in this case. I’m new in this community, and on Linux, but I think it isn’t tiny problem. I’m very thankful for every help.

Parrot Release 3.11 32-bit
Kernel Linux 4.14.0-parrot13-686-pae i686

You need to put a working proxy in your config, this is already answered:

python’s proxify module can help you find a bunch of proxies

There should be some kind of documentation at the above link, or you can just search for other resources, or even scan for your own using nmap, masscan or zmap

The safest bet is usually to run your own.