Raspberry Pi 4 Parrot OS Update?

Hi @tissy
I sent you an email a few months ago about Raspberry Pi 3 OS version, but now I have the RPI4 8GB Version. I really want to get ParrotOS on it. Do you have an eta. The following article 7 months ago said that you were waiting on some server things and then you should be able to get a beta. OLD Article on ETA What is the new eta? Also, if there is one now that is more recent if I missed in in my research for the OS please let me know and share it with me. I look forward to any help and hearing from @tissy
Thank you!

We are having no dev work on the arm for that. Right now we are really busy on the new beta testing + package movement. It means we are maintaining Packages from our side and no longer pull tools from Kali’s side. It is huge work.
If you or anybody can work on the rasp berry pi please feel free to contribute.


Cant wait to see what’s coming next :slight_smile: I’m loving what you guys are doing

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