[Tool request] haiti (re-post)

This is a repost of [Tool request] haiti I posted on Jan 12, 2021.
The same day dmknght answered:

Hi! Thank you for your suggestion!
We are going to release 4.11 then create a whole new pentest tool list. We’ll package your tool after this big task. I think your tool deserve a place in preinstalled tool to replace hash-identifier and hashid.
I’m adding your tool to TODO list right now.

But the forum system bot auto-closed the thread on May 13, 2021

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That’s why I’m re-opening it, also I have provided a .deb package now.

[Name] Haiti
[Version] v1.3.0 (Release v1.3.0 · noraj/haiti · GitHub)
[Homepage] Document
[Download] https://github.com/noraj/haiti/archive/v1.3.0.tar.gz - https://rubygems.org/downloads/haiti-hash-1.3.0.gem
[Author] noraj (Alexandre ZANNI) Home | noraj
[Licence] MIT - haiti/LICENSE.txt at master · noraj/haiti · GitHub
[Description] Hash type identifier (CLI & lib).
[Dependencies] ‘ruby’ ‘ruby-paint’ ‘ruby-docopt’
[Similar tools] hashid, hash-identifier, dagon, findmyhash see the diff Document
[Activity] Start 16/10/2019, actively maintained
[How to install] As any classic ruby package, see package made for BlackArch: blackarch/PKGBUILD at master · BlackArch/blackarch · GitHub
[How to use]
Quick start Document
Usage: Document
[Packaged] See all install methods Document

Is the tool useful/functional in a Penetration Testing environment?
Yes whenever you find hashes in a database or config files.

Does the tool overlap functionality of other existing tools?
Yes, hashID, findmyhash & hash-identifier.

Does the licensing of the tool allow for free redistribution?
Yes MIT.

How much resources does the tool require? Will it work in a “standard” environment?
Very few, any computer could run it.

I built a .deb package for haiti and its dependency ruby-docopt.

I tested them on Debian 11. Check the Debian tab on the Installation Production section of the documentation Document

wget https://github.com/noraj/haiti/releases/download/v1.3.0/ruby-docopt_0.6.1_all_debian11.deb
wget https://github.com/noraj/haiti/releases/download/v1.3.0/haiti_1.3.0_all_debian11.deb
apt install ruby-paint
dpkg -i ruby-docopt_0.6.1_all_debian11.deb
dpkg -i haiti_1.3.0_all_debian11.deb

To see how the .deb was built, check the .deb tab on the Installation Development section of the documentation Document