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{ FIX TOMOYO} Problem [Support] (11)

when you boot prrot you will see error typ this 1:disable 2: sudo apt purge tomoyo-tools 3 :sudo apt autoremove 4: sudo apt autoclean 5: sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade 6: sudo reboot

Basic Commands (for Troubleshooting) [Support] (5)

Basic Commands (for Troubleshooting) ls (list directory contents) cat (concatenate files and print on the standard output) id (print real and effective user and group IDs) uname -a (print system information) lsb_rel…

Support Guidelines [Support] (5)

[image] When using Parrot Support, please observe the following guidelines: Do not cross post or double post. Posting the same topic in more than one category only creates confusion and makes it hard to keep track on…

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